ZArchiver Install iOS Devices Download For iPhone | iPad

Zarchiver Install iOS is a productive app that anyone can use either on android or ios devices. In order to use it with both android and ios devices, you have to fulfill some requirements.  However, this is one of the best apps to try with any device. Prior to the download process let’s check what is the usage of the Zarchiver Install iOS on your device.

The main focus of the Zarchiver Install iOS is the decompression of the files. This is especially useful in the process of decompression of small and lightweight files. Apart from that main usage, it will help for file decompression and the file transferring process. This might be especially beneficial for mobile phone users. Because the Zarchiver is considered as a tool for file management to file classification for mobile phones. Zarchiver Install iOS can be used for file management during work and office both works. With this users can easily organize their works.  Now the way of file management has been modified and transferred into a modern way with the existence of this kind of software. Zarchiver Install iOS is the best application among the other file management apps. Other than that the Zarchiver functions in the following ways.

zarchiver install ios

Features of Zarchiver Install iOS

  • This is a full-screen file viewer that can be used for compressing, decompressing, and transferring.
  • Support for sharing any file-formats including .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, and users can send pictures and video files as well.
  • Unwanted files can be deleted and files can be renamed in any easier way.
  • For file management, users have to create separate folders within their devices. So creating folders is also very easy with the Zarchiver Install iOS.
  • Supports fast movement of files from one folder to any other folder.
  • File decompression is with converting into zip files without losing the qualities of files.
  • Can easily read the photos and videos contained within the system of the device.
  • Zarchiver Install iOS can be protected with passwords. If there are any files of yours that should be protected, that is really easy with this feature.

Those are some uses of the archiver app for you all. If you want to try this app, it is suitable to download this to your device. The Zarchiver Install iOS is a free app that anyone can use anywhere on any device. The latest version of this app is The developer of this app is ZDevs.  This is totally free to use. Therefore you need not pay any amount for this app’s usage.

How to Download and Install This App?

 It is really easy to get this app and work with it. Here the download link is given below.

This is a safe download link for your iOS device. Visit the app store by clicking the above link. Then your app store app will open and show the Zarchiver Install iOS app. After that click on the get button. The downloading process would be finished after some time. Then install the app to work with it. You have to note something. Zarchiver is a file manager app. So you have to allow access to all the files included in the device.  To allow access to all the files by allowing permissions.


Q: How can I use passwords?

A: If you have some items to be secured you can use this feature for that. The contents of the archives can be encrypted by using passwords. Even the files can only be opened by using the passwords. Note that don’t use the same password that you use on your device.

Q: How to compress files?

A: First of all select which files you want to compress.  Then click on the selected file and choose the compress option.

This is about the Zarchiver Install iOS app. This is free to use with your iOS devices.  Get this app and work with it.

ZArchiver iOS Free Download For iPhone And iPad

ZArchiver iOS is an archive management app for iOS devices. This is one of the best file management app. Also, it is having multiple uses. The app is very strong. Therefore it is supported for a wide range of zip formats. The ZArchiver iOS manager is really easy to use and work with. While using this app, the archive files would have appeared as removable storage. Then you could save them directly. That can be done instead of having moved to save file transfer. Even you would be able to move the files easily by dragging and drop. Likewise, the ZArchiver iOS is really easy to work with. Apart from that, there are more types of things that the users have to aware of about this app.

zarchiver ios

Features of the ZArchiver iOS

  • This is  for file extraction
  • Decompressing of the files in various formats is available
  • The main purpose of the app is file management.
  • The ZArchiver iOS is supported for multithreading. Multicore processors
  • You don’t need to work with the multi-selective mode. Also, the selection of the files is very easy.
  • The UTF-8 and the UTF-16 are supported for the app. Therefore the users can use national symbols on the app due to this supportive feature.
  • The app is supported for every ios device.
  • Your all private files can be protected by using the passwords. By assigning a password your’s all files could be protected
  • There are multiple options available in the ZArchiver iOS. Those such editing multiple options are the copy, cut, share and delete.
  • The user can select any mode of compression. Those areas ultra, medium and fast, and the fastest.
  • The new user doesn’t want any experience with the app previously. Because the usage of really easy. Because it is having a very simple procedure.
  • By rooting the user would be able to enjoy more features. If you want to experience more features rooting can be done.
  • Creating all archives are possible

Download the ZArchiver  iOS

Download Now

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The ios device users would be able to Download this app from this site or Apple AppStore.

  • Search for the ZArchiver iOS
  • Then click on the download tab
  • After that process successfully install the app
  • Then work with the ZArchiver  iOS freely

There are more types of uses that could be obtained via this ZArchiver iOS. But there is the only disadvantage is available in the app. There is no user tutorial presence in this. Therefore a new user would be confused at the beginning. It is better to have a tutorial.


Q: What is the use of passwords?

A: Password is required for the files that you wanted to protect. Password protection is best for security.

Q: Should we have to pay for the app?

A: No, any user would be able to use the app for free totally.

Here there is a brief description of the ZArchiver iOS. If you realize the app suitable for you, then here’s your chance to try it. There are multiple beneficial features available for you.