Root Explorer Apk 5.6.58 Download | Latest Version (11.5MB)

Root Explorer Apk is an unlimited file manager for each and every root user. Users can easily access any android file type located within their device. There are multiple features included with this root explorer Apk. Some of them are the availability of the multiple tabs, dropbox, box, google drive, network support, text editor, SQLite database viewer, creating and extracting the zip files and RAR file search and multi-select are also available. Apart from that Root Explorer Apk is a fast and friendly app for its users. If there is any larger issue with the app for the users, always the supporting team is available for helping with the user issues.

Currently, most of the customers are satisfied with the performance of Root Explorer Apk. If any user has an issue that even the supportive team can’t be helped with, they will make a refund without any further disturbance. However, the Root explorer Apk has introduced some more features for its users.

root explorer apk

Root Explorer Apk Full network access

In order to use the app successfully, network and cloud access is required. It is totally safe and secure. No information is passed over the network and internet.

Addition and removing the accounts

If a user wants to add new accounts, it is allowed. The remaining accounts are kept unchanged. No single change is applicable. Also, no details are shared between the accounts.

Root Explorer Find accounts on the device

Users could be able to use multiple accounts at once. In order to log into google drive, users would be able to use multiple devices at once.

Prevent the app from sleeping

Root explorer Apk is used to preventing the device from sleeping. Especially during the long operations such as updating and downloading procedures, the app prevents sleep. Because of that the operation prevents interrupting.

This app is known as the most special software that is mostly helping to do file management within a short period of time. The root explorer comes along with a wide range of functions. As stated previously it is helping to support a wide range of management functions.

 Root Exoplorer Apk Taking control of the files

The root explorer APk is packed with multiple features. Actually, most of the new users are afraid to use this app because they think that they require heavy technical knowledge. But users don’t want to have much technical knowledge.

Root Explorer has a comfortable and clear interface. It makes the users appeal to their users.  And especially for first-time users, it will be a mess. Therefore there are prompts available to guide first-time users toward the app. But everyone should have noted, that this was made only for the android users. The other people that are using other platforms should need to search for other options.

Getting to the root of the problem

Every user is searching for an easy and effective way to manage the files located within your device. But the decision of using this root explorer Apk is quite difficult. Because there are no free trials offered by this app for the users. Therefore users should have to be sure if this is the most appropriate option to use. This is not free. So that users should have to pay to use this app. Due to all of these reasons,  users may prefer to check out some other free file management options before making any payments for this software.

As the advantages of this app,

  • Easy to add and remove accounts.
  • Composed of useful and powerful features.

As the disadvantages, we can identify,

  • Cannot create shortcuts in the home screen
  • No free trials were available.

If you are willing to use the Root explorer Apk start trying it from now onwards. You will explore multiple features.