How To Install Dream League Using Zarchiver?

Dream league soccer 2020  is a game that most gamers wish to play. If you have any doubt regarding downloading and installation, with the help of the following description you can solve that doubt easily. Most of you think that the downloading of apk is only sufficient. But it is not like that. Along with the apk, another essential OBB file is required. Without this OBB file, the game won’t function well. Also, the saved location is affected for the smooth experience of the game.  The main requirement for the successful installation is saving Apk, OBB, data of Dream League soccer 2020 in one place in zip format.

how to install dream league using zarchiver

What is Zarchiver?

 Here we have to know some details regarding the app called Zarchiver. Zarchiver is an app that is used for file extraction. Apart from file extraction, there are some more tasks such as file compression, file decompression. It is even working as a file manager app.  The importance of the Zarchiver app is, it is required for completing the installation process successfully.

 What I want to tell you about the app is, it is safe for your devices. Also, it is supporting any device running any operating system. It is a safe app. First, install it to get your maximum experience by using the app. If you have downloaded the app already, you can begin with the installation procedure.

  • Install the latest version with an android folder containing OBB and data files.
  • First, complete the downloading Zarchiver app.
  • Then open the downloaded Zarchiever app.
  • Use the app to locate DLS 20 Apk OBB data android folder.Rar.
  • I assume that you have located the file. Then long press on the found file. After a few seconds, some options would appear on the screen. Choose the exact option out of all the appeared options.
  • Next click on the name of the folder at the upper part of the app interface.
  • Then select the “Device Memory”, from the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting device memory, tap on the extract icon.
  • After selecting the extract icon, the files would be automatically saved in this location as Android/OBB and android/ data folder.
  • Now install DLS 20 apk at the end of the process.
  • By following the above procedure an expected gamer of the Dream League Soccer 2020 can play it successfully. Get your chance quickly by getting the app successfully to your device.

Now let us see some more facts regarding the Dream League Soccer 2020

The players would be able to experience the addition of new faces to DLS 2020. Also while in this game, the player can choose any new player that is having good ratings. There are new stadiums available with better equipment and with better capacity. Also, some features can be customized later. No matter what players would be able to play the game with its CPU.  Also apart from that, the gamers play with real friends as well. You can contact any player from anywhere. Just no matter if you two are from opposite corners of the world. The game will take you two into one place. The person who scores the highest number of goals is the winner in this game. The gameplay is so advanced, improved, and easy.

 When we look at some main details about the gameplay, these are required for you. This is an online multiplayer game that anyone can play anywhere. The game is named the Dream League Soccer 2020. It is about a 360 MB-sized game. The requirement for the game is android version 4 and upwards. The First Touch LTD has offered the game for you. So start gaming in this second.

How to Install an OBB File With Zarchiver? Complete Guide

In most cases, high-definition games are coming along with Apk and OBB files. But the installing method via Apk method is much easier than the installation method via OBB files. Especially note that there are some games that are not functioning well if you don’t place the OBB file in the right folder. Because of that, you have to have a piece of good knowledge about the installation of games by using the OBB files. If you aren’t aware of the OBB files, the following details might be helpful for you.

how to install obb files using zarchiver

What is an OBB file?

Ordinary Binary Bob is shortened as the OBB file. That is a set of functions and assets of a particular game. Even though all functions and assets are required for the proper functioning of the game. The major function of the OBB file is to provide users with a better gaming experience. The game might not work properly in the absence of this file.

Now you know what an OBB file is. Also, there are some other requirements to download OBB files.

  • You require a perfectly working android device with at least a 4.0 version or upwards.
  • Zarchiver app.
  • Strong network connection.
  • Free space on your mobile device.
  • At least 1 GB RAM on your device.

Now you can install an OBB file and extract it easily with the presence of the Zarchiver app installed previously. Here you want an app called Zarchiver for completing the task. Zarchiever is a file extraction app developed by Zdevs. Apart from that, it is providing multiple functions like organizing the device files as well. It is a free app that users can enjoy without advertisements. Get the app for completing the task.

How to extract the OBB file?

  • Get the Zarchiver app if you didn’t get it earlier.
  • Then download the OBB file on your device.
  • Launch the Zarchiver app.
  • Then locate the folder of the OBB file by the Zarchiver app. Make sure you have saved that file in an easy folder for searching.
  • After you have found the file, long press on that until some options appear at the bottom.
  • You can observe that an exact option appears.
  • Tap on the extract option.
  • Then choose the exact path.
  • After that click OK.
  • Then after some time, the file would be extracted.
  • Now you have extracted the OBB file.

Where should I place the OBB file?

  • Keep track of the location where you have saved the extracted OBB file.
  • Then long press on the found OBB file.
  • You will see an option named “Move”.
  • Then select the path where you want to move the OBB file.
  • Select the path as “phone storage/ android/OBB”.
  • Then click the move tab.
  • By tapping on OK you have moved the extracted OBB file to the OBB folder.
  • The right folder for OBB files is the OBB folder.
  • Now you have placed the OBB file in the right folder.
  • Then install the Apk file to run the game on your device.

If the OBB file didn’t work well with the location of internal storage, move your game OBB file to the SD card. Choose the path as, “sdcard/android/OBB”. This will surely work with your device.

Actually, the OBB file is necessarily required. The OBB file is essential for the smooth functioning of the game. These files are larger in size. I think the above details would be certainly useful for you when you are working with these kinds of games.  Make sure you have saved the OBB file in the correct path and extract it correctly. So it will allow the best and smooth gaming experience.