How To Add A Free Fire Config File Using Zarchiver?

Think of the game as lagging while in the gameplay. What is the feeling you get while on such an occasion?  So don’t you want to experience lag-free gameplay? I think surely you all want to experience lag-free gaming. Easily you could get such experience by following these steps. Certainly, you can show how to fix the lagging issues in Garena Free Fire. Even if you have a device with 1 GB or 2GB, no matter you can continue your gaming without lagging. But you need a Free fire config file for that task. We will reach our target.

how to add a free fire config file using zarchiver

What Is A Free Fire Config file?

Here in the above, I have mentioned that a config file is required. Then let’s see what is this config file and the importance of the config file.

 The free fire config file is consistent with a code that is helping to improve gameplay. Also, it is the subject that is causing the features such as lag-free, lag-free, 90fps, and many other types of features. These all can be obtained without any other kind of application.

 The name of the config file is Free Fire Config File. Always you have to get the latest version. The size of the free-fire config file is about 2 MB. The requirement for the installation is a device with the android version 5.0 or upwards.

How To Download Free Fire Config files?

Make sure you are always getting the latest version of the config file. Because outdated versions may lead to some problems occurring with the config file as well as the game. The following are the available features of the Garena Free fire.

  • 90 Fps
  • Speed
  • Auto headshot
  • Fixed lagging issues
  • Wall hacking
  • Support for the devices having low rams such as 1Gb,2GB, and 3GB.

Apart from that, there are so many features available in the game.

How To Use The Free Fire Config File On The Android Device?

  • As the first step, download the free fire. config file.
  • Then you need to extract the downloaded file correctly. For that, you have to use a zip extractor. Zarciver is the best type of app. In the following, you will see some more details regarding Zarchiver.
  • Open the Zarchiver from your device.
  • Then you have to locate where the downloaded file is located.
  • Choose the file location.
  • Long press on the file you have selected.
  • Then some options would appear.
  • From those, all options select the “Extract” option.
  • Then choose where you want to save the extracted file.
  • Enter the password, if there is a password, and extract the file.
  • Then move or copy the extracted file into the folder as” android/data/com.dts.freefireth”
  • Now it is done. Experience lag-free and optimized experience of gaming.

Here in the above, I have mentioned a game called is suitable for installing most of the games including Garena free fire.

What is a Zarchiver?

Zarchiver is a file extracting app. Although it is working as a file compressing as well as a file decompressing app. Even Zarchiver can be used as a file management app too. Those all uses can be obtained only after you have started to use the app. Get it and identify some more uses of it. Zarchiver is a safe and free application that anyone from anywhere can use.

Here mentioned that the downloading of games via the config file. that is affecting the improvement of the gameplay experience. Also, you have to keep something in your mind. That is, always try to play the game in guest mode. Playing on personal and primary account lead to ban acc