ZArchiver Donate Apk 0.9.5 Download | Latest Version

Zarchiver Donate is a mobile app (APK) that allows its users to shrink and the extraction of any archive file. Working with this app is very easy. Certainly, you are familiar with the ZArchiver app which is the freemium version of the Donate app and it is basically for file management. Likewise, the ZArchiver Donate is also for the same purpose. it is even a popular file manager.

This app has been developed by the same developers of the ZArchiver. Those are the ZDevs. Although we can call this the pro version of the main app. This is even a highly versatile app. The ZArchiver Donate is an app that offers multiple functions free of charge.

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ZArchiver Donate Download for Android

ZArchiver Donate Apk 0.9.5 Download

As per the information above this is the Pro version but here we are giving you the opportunity to download the Pro version Unl*cked for free. You can use the same features and functions without paying a cent. Use the download link above and download the apk file. Then install it on your Android smart device. If you get an error about third-party apps then go to the Unknown Sources and make it Allow in order to resolve that error.

You can use this app on the PC using an Android Player like Bluestacks or LD Player. First, download an Android player to your PC or Mac then install it. Then download this APK for free using the above download button. Now install it to the player. But there is no special use of installing this app on PC because there is a way to manage files genuinely on PC via OS.

What are the Uses of ZArchiver Donate?

Basically, this is an archiving management app. The app allows for file compression. Although extraction of the files and unzipping is possible with the ZArchiver Donate. Although you can create different file formats just as 7ZIP, BZ2, TAR, and GZ. Another use of the app is creating password-protective files. Files from different apps such as files from the mail app can be opened by this archiving app.

Difference between ZArchiver and ZArchiver Donate?

There are not many differences between these two apps. Zarchiver Donate is s paid version of the freemium app. That is only to support the developer. Apart from that, it is having all the other essential features. Multithreading support is available. And UTF-8/UTF-16 support is also available. Those will support for let the users use national symbols on file names. Here there are premium functions as the light and the dark theme. Image previewing and file editing inside the archives are other premium functions available in the ZArchiver Donate app. But there’s is still missing something. That’s the tutorials.

This is a different type of app. Therefore most beginners don’t know how to work with the app. Therefore it is better to have a tutorial on the app. Except for that missing, the Zarchiver Donate is a great app for file managing. This app is highly recommended to use for anyone. If you have already use the freemium app, then upgrade to the ZArchiver Donate app. Really it would be a great upgrade. But you should purchase it. Every user’s purchase would support the rapid development of the app.

Pros and Cons of the App

  • Having all features available in the free version
  • Availability of the light and dark themes
  • Allow the users to edit files
  • Allow for age previewing of the archives

Apart from these advantages, the only disadvantage is that the unavailability of the tutorials.


Q: What is the latest version of the app?

A: download They fixed many bugs that have been fixed with this latest version.

Q: Should I have to pay it necessarily?

A: Yes, you should. This is a premium app. If you do not want to pay just use the freemium app that can totally use for free.

Here are some brief details about the ZArchiver Donate. That’s the pro version of the free app. If you think it would be best for you, then take it and proceed with your activities.