How To Install GTA San Andreas Using ZArchiver

GTA San Andreas is an online multiplayer game. Anyone can play it. Earlier it was only available on PC. But now you can experience the game on your android devices.  Now the developers have launched the android version to the users as well.  The GTA San Andreas is a great game that won awards. Here you can be aware of the way how you can get the game installed on your device.

how to install gta san andreas using zarchiver

GTA San Andreas

This is a famous as well as an adventurous game. This was released by the Rock Star games. Also now this has become the most successful and the most played game in the world of games. The following are the ways and methods that can be applied when downloading the GTA San Andreas.

Features of GTA San Andreas

  • Now the gameplay is optimized for touch screen devices.
  • Also, it provides unlimited gameplay for its users.
  • It is contained with stunning character features, graphics, and various vehicle modes.
  • And it is monitoring your visual experiences with new video settings. Also now most of the graphic settings are enhanced with the latest features.
  • Support for USB controllers and gamepads.
  • HD quality.
  • Now we will move to the path of getting the game for your device.
  • These requirements have to be followed for getting the game for your android device.


  • Required RAM of 1 GB.
  • The processor should be dual-core or above.
  • Android version should be 4.0.3 or higher.
  • Free space of 2.5 GB is required for the installation.

Now you can start the installation process. But for that certainly, you have to get the Zarchiver for completing the process.

What is the Zarchiever app?

It is an app allowing you the extracting functions. After you have installed some game or such type of file, sometimes you require an app for extracting. So this Zarchiver would be very useful in such conditions. Apart from the file extracting the Zarchiver help for the compressing and decompressing the files as well. So Zarchiever is a safe app and it will help you to install San Andreas successfully to your device.


Installation of the GTA San Andreas for your Android Device

  • First, launch the Zarchiver app.
  • Then choose the folder that the downloaded GTA file is in.
  • Then you will see the .rar file there.
  • After that, select the option “Open as archive”.
  • Do a long press on the apk file. Select the “Extract” option there.
  • Now extract the file.
  • Choose the extraction path anywhere that you want.
  • Install the game but make sure not to open the game.
  • Paste the game data in Android Folder
  • At first, tap on the GTA data Zip file.
  • Then select the option “Open as archive”.
  • Now you will get the folder as “ com.rockstargames.GTA. copy that folder to the android/ obb folder.
  • Select the path to paste the file as SDcard/android/obb.

The Obb folder is can be found in the android folder of the smartphone. If you cant find OBB folder inside that you must create a folder called OBB.

In this installation process, there are two parts. One is the installation of the apk file and the OBB file. Installation of both of them is required. If you don’t install the OBB file, the game won’t function well. So download both of them. Even though you have to place the OBB file in the correct folder. Placing that in another folder is also causing the game not to function well.

As stated above,  GTA San Andreas is supported for Android devices. You can make it function well by installing it correctly. Have a nice gaming experience.

How To Install XAPK Using Zarchiver App

Zarchiver is an app that can use to perform several tasks.  The Zarchiver’s function is file compression.  Other than that you could use that as a file manager too. Zarchiver is an app that is for archive management. Apart from archiving management, there are diverse functions available. Also, the Zarchiever app is available on both android and ios devices.

This is a free app that can use without paying any amount. As well as that it is having a very simple procedure. So it is easy to use by anyone even without previous knowledge on how to work with the app. The size of the app, the latest version, and the requirement of the device is changing over time. The best thing is that I always try to use the latest version. Because it certainly helps you to identify new features contained there. The following are some features as well as some functions offered by the zarchiver app for all of its users.

how to install xapk using zarchiver

Features of Zarchiever

  • Mainly this is a management app for many of your devices. All files can be stored in any definite order by using this app.
  • The main 3 functions of the zarchiver are file compression, decompressing, and the extraction of the files.
  • The Zarchiver is an app that can be used with any android or ios device. It is working well with both types of devices.
  • If the user wants to observe the inner side of the compressed files that are also free with this app.
  • When you need to create several compressed files that are also free with this Zarchiever file managing app. Only a few minutes will take for that process.
  • The program allows you many options while compressing and decompressing files.  Imagine that if you want to make several compressed files on your SD card. That is also allowed for you within a few seconds.
  • Any file format is compatible with the Zarchiver.
  • Can secure the data contained within the files. If any files contain secret information, the users can assign passwords for them. So that is a password-protected file. Someone can view the files with only passwords.

How to Install XAPK Using Zarchiver?

Follow the following steps to install XAPK files to your device.

  • First of all, select the file that you want to use or install with the Zarchiver app.
  • You have to choose which is the correct file to install with this app.
  • Now you are free to use any options here.
  • Now by choosing the required option you would be able to install XAPK using Zarchiver,
  • After selecting the file, you can install the apk.
  • Run the game for once.
  • Then copy the OBB file.
  • How to get Zarchiver for my device?

If you haven’t got the Zarchiver app yet on your device, then this is the chance for it. By using the given download links you are free to download and use the app.

Make sure that you have to give permissions or allow permissions to download from unknown sources. If not, the downloading process will not work well and it will be corrupted.


Q: What are the new features with the latest version?

A: Almost all existing bugs have been fixed with the latest version. And now the app is supporting android 11 as well.

Q: Is this a safe app?

A: yes. This is a safe app. You have to consider safety much more. Here while using this app you have to allow this app to access all the files. No need to worry. Also, you can protect important files with a password.

 Here is how you can get the app and work with it. By following the above way you can install the XAPK file successfully with the help of Zarchiver.