How To Open Zip Files On an iPad Or iPhone?

Actually is it a zip file? Zip is the most usable file type that is required to reduce the size or else it can be called compressing files. That means the collection of one or more files together. Those files are saved in one location as well. It makes it easier to transport or send files to an external place. The file recipients should save the file to their devices and then have to unzip it in order to utilize the original file. Zip files are opened after extraction. That process can be done on an iPad or else with an iPhone also. Both mac and Windows OS have inbuilt functionalities of Zip files.

How to open zip files on an iPad or iPhone

How to open ZIP files with an iPhone or iPad?

Compression of huge files into ZIP archives is a smart way even if the user is required to send the files via the internet. It creates efficient file compression storage. Also, that process makes the file transfer much easier too. When the receiver gets such a file item you are at the receiving end so you are called the recipient of the file transferring process. Therefore on that type of occasion, the receiver knows how to open different file formats such as ZIP, TAR, RAR etc.

Guide to the file recipient

  • Initially open the Files app from the device. 
  • Explore the zipped file that users are required to use. So the user has to select the correct location of the ZIP file. Think that the user has got the file via the internet then choose the Downloads to proceed. 
  •  Click the file for opening it after locating it correctly. After that, the device will immediately start unzipping the archive file.
  • Then the user will observe a new folder with the same name as the original folder as the ZIP archive. If someone wants to change the name of the file that is also possible.
  • Renaming can be done to a  file by this procedure. Simply tap and long press for a few minutes on the folder. Select the rename from the popup menu. Enter the new name and just finish the task by clicking on Done.
  • To view the contents tap on the unzipped folder contained in the same folder as the zip file.

From WhatsApp or mail

That is how any iPhone or iPad user can view the contents of the zip files. The following steps are for users to guide on how to open a zip file received for an app such as WhatsApp or mail. 

Initially save the ZIP file that is received through Whatsapp, Mail or any other messaging app. Then the below guide is for you. 

  • Open the app.
  • Click on the ZIP file
  • Choose the share icon from the popup menu. Choose any place the user wants to save the file. 
  • Click on the Save option
  • Then follow the above procedure to view the contents of the file. Some files may not work from the default app. Then,

Why do you need to choose iZip?

In that way, users can easily observe the contents of a ZIP file received by an app on their devices such as Whatsapp or mail. Users have some other options as well. That is the usage of third-party applications designed for viewing the contents of the. iZip is a great example of such an app. If you are going to work with iZip the below guide is for you. 

  • Launch iZIP and navigate to the Browser for documents.
  • Select the Browse option displayed at the bottom
  • Locate your ZIP files or any other archive formats that are supported by the file app. 
  • Click on the ZIP file that the user wants to import.
  • Choose the Yes option on the prompt to open the archive
  • Click on OK in the “ Would you like to unzip all files?” prompt.

If the user is required to choose only a few users to have to select the Cancel option as well.

So these are some ways iPhone and iPad users could be able to follow in order to unzip ZIP files. Test these options today itself.