7Zip File Manager Download For Android | Latest Version

7zip is a famous open-source file archiver. It is designed for Microsoft Windows. Originally 7 zip was created in 2000. The creator of it is Igor Pavlov. However, the 7 zip file manager is still developing. The 7 Zip file manager is known as a RAR extractor. However, it is supported for the files in RAR and the ZIP files. Apart from that 7Z file manager is compatible with the CAB, BZIP@, and TAR formats as well.

The 7Z file manager is significant because of its provided compression ratio of it. It is provided with a better compression ratio that is 2 – 10 % better than the other compression tools. PKZip and WinZip are such other compression tools. Also, the 7Z is the one that contains the highest file size compression ratio. The features that could be observed with the 7Zip are listed as follows.


Features of the 7Zip file manager

  • Powerful file manager
  • Supportive for 74 languages
  • Having the self-extracting capability for the 7Z format
  • Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats
  • Plugin support for FAR Manager
  • integration with Windows Shell
  • High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression
  • Powerful command-line version

Usually, the 7zip is known as an easy file manager for usage. And it has been created for casual PC users. As you are aware it can accomplish all tasks that the other file manager can accomplish. Those functions are such as archive files, unrar files and splitting files. Simply users can perform these functions by right-clicking on the file that is required to perform functions. Apart from that, the 7Z is composed of advanced functions as well. Some functions are meant for technical developers such as Linux or Unix developers.

7Zip is freeware. Though it is distributed under a free software license. The users can download and use the 7Zip without paying any fee or registering for the software. If users wish to support the app, they can make donations by paying a small fee. So you have contributed to the freeware developers for their service.

Is this safe?

The 7Zip file manager won’t harm your computer.  Even if it is not stealing any information from your device as well. Sometimes there may be viruses and some other harmful software included with the executable files. Therefore open only the files sent by someone you trust.

How to use the 7Zip file manager?

  • Right-click on the file/folder to be encrypted.
  • Select “7-Zip” then “Add to archive…”
  • In the Add to Archive window change the name of the archive you wish to create.
  • Change the Archive format to “Zip”. 

Is 7Zip a good program?

It is believed that 7 Zip is the best program that delivers the best compression output. The 7 Zip is a much more reliable software. And it is providing very lower file format sizes as well. Therefore the 7 Zip is known as the leading file compression tool in the world.

An alternative – WInZip

When we compared 7Zip with WinZip, there is a huge difference between the both of them. Winzip is the best one among these. Winzip is powerful and versatile. If someone is looking for alternatives for 7 Zip, certainly the WinZip is the best option. Despite the amazing features of WinZip, most of the users have accumulated over the 7 Zip.

Is 7Zip free?

Yes as previously stated the 7 zip is free and open-source software. You could use 7 Zip software on any device freely without registering or paying for it. That is regarding the 7Zip file manager. It is worth using. Use it and discover more functions included in it.