ES File Explorer APK Download | Latest Version (40.08MB)

ES file explorer Apk is an android file manager. Also, it is multi-tasking. It offers the tasks such as free local and network file manager and an application manager. Sometimes it is a media manager and a network manager. Currently, it is used worldwide.

Some of you might have thought that though these are powerful file managers they require a lot of space in the device. But that is not such an app. It is taking absolutely smaller space within your device. Then what is the use of it? There are several uses for it.

  • Manage your whole device.
  • Organize your files such as music, videos, pictures, documents, and any kind of installed apps for your device.

ES file explorer Apk is a convenient app for everyday use. It is kind of a comprehensive addition to all of your devices. Sometimes this app makes the battery of your device more durable too. The main advantage of this app is, it is totally free. Lead to a convenient life by choosing ES file explorer Apk.

es file explorer apk

How can you organize files within your device by using ES file explorer Apk?

Users can perform the options such as multiple select, cut, copy, paste, move, create, delete, rename, share, search, creating shortcuts and bookmarks in the same way a user does with the laptop or desktop pc.

  • Manage all apps, files, and folders located within the device as well as the cloud storage.
  • The number of apps and files can be glanced at immediately by opening the file manager within your device.
  •  That is how any user can use the Es file explorer Apk. Then the following facts imply what are the basic features of the ES file explorer Apk.

Features of the ES file explorer

  • It is an application manager. ES file explorer Apk categorizes the apps, it allows for the uninstalling, backup and creating shortcuts for installed applications.
  • Support for 20+ languages.
  • Search and share files
  • Compress and decompress the files
  • Availability of basic features like cut, copy, extract, delete, compress etc.
  • Support for multiple resolutions.
  • List and grid view at the app interface.
  • Thumbnail for the photo, video, and apk files.
  • Multiple selections
  • Various sorting support
  • Support shortcut feature for easy access.
  • Availability of multiple and colorful themes.
  • Access history, access bookmarks, and search for any file.
  • Root explorer availability for advanced users.

Apart from that, the ES file explorer Apk provides the major functions as follows.


  • Working as an internal music player, internal image viewer, and internal text editor. In order to obtain the best performance use built-in utilities.
  • Users can manage all files that are located in both internal and external storage of the device.
  • The file types are automatically sorted by their file type of them. By that, the user would be able to explore any file type that he wants to find.
  • Manage and monitor the apps that you have installed on your device.
  • Easily access the device storage by using a PC. So users would be able to access and manage files on the local android device by using FTP.
  • Users can analyze the local storage of the device. If there are any useless files, the user would be able to delete them.

It is regarding the popular android file managing application called ES file explorer Apk. Along with the latest version it is offering UI managing functions. Also, some existing bugs have been fixed too. Currently, over 5,000,000+ communities have accumulated over the application. If you don’t have joined the community this is the perfect time for it. No restrictions on the usage of the app. Only required a device with the android version 5.0 or upwards. So now enjoy the app.