Documents by Readdle 1.0 Download | Latest Version (4.0MB)

The Documents by Readdle is a utility software that allows you to access and manage all of the files located within your device. Easily you can categorize them in a convenient place for their users. There are some other types of apps, that are only supported for limited file formats. But the documents by Readdle allow its users to manage any kind of file format. The documents by Readdle are supported for the PDFs, word documents, images and videos. And documents by Readdle are composed of various helpful tools.  Also, this app contains a built-in web browser. Therefore users can use that built-in web browser for downloading files.

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Documents by Readdle All in one

The file manager is the most essential file manager for every user that is a convenient tool that can be used to access nearly all your files. Opening any documents such as PDF files, EPUB books, Microsoft Word documents, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Apart from that, the user can use the documents by Readdle in order to annotate your PDF files. Use colorful highlighters, stickers, and texts to annotate the PDFs. Also, this file managing app is consistent with more advanced editing tools that allow any user to change text, images, and links contained in the PDF. So this is an all-in-one application that performs multiple tasks.

Sometimes Documents by readdle is acting as a media player too. It organizes the folders into the playlists along with the shuffle and loop options. And load any movies on your device and watch them over the app. Use a built-in web browser for downloading books, movies and music. If users want more privacy and safety private browsing is also available. It is capable of creating text files also. If you want to create the text files users have to download a separate app for creating the word. To start writing first click on the edit button. Then tap on the more option. Finally, click on the create text icon. This is a simple three-step process that anyone can follow.

All you want in one place

Do everything in one place. As previously stated you can simply download a movie, song, or else a book. If a user wants to protect his privacy that is easily allowed by the app. Just any user needs only one program to do these things. These tasks are very simple such as opening and viewing a file. Sometimes users are feeling that the app is lacking in the organization. Despite that, the app is the best overall.

The advantages of the file manager app can be identified as follows.

  • Documents by Readdle is supported for various file types.
  • Composed of built the web browser
  • Consisted with the PDF editor
  • Allows for creating text files.

 Also, the disadvantages of the file manager can be identified as follows.

  • Cluttered UI. That makes the users uncomfortable with the usage of the app.
  • The music player is making some difficulties such as skipping the music while it is working.

That is regarding the Readdle app. But most of the users are thinking more about safety before selecting the Readdle app. Don’t worry. Readdle is totally safe. Along with this browser, your browsing is safe. The Readdle developers are thinking that privacy is a fundamental human right. Therefore your private data are not tracked by the app.

Also, the document by Readdle is a free app that is available on the App store. The app requires an iPhone, iPad, or device running iOS 11 or later. In order to obtain the best performance of the app, users have to fulfill the given requirements. That is regarding the Documents by Readdle file manager app. Documents by Readdle is an app that every person should have to try. Use it and obtain maximum benefits