How to Open and Create Zip Files On an Android Device

As you know, along with the current trends, people used to store many types of files on computers, PCs, tablets and on their mobile devices. Sometimes those may vary with their capacities as well. If the files are stored after they have been compressed, it is actually easy for the users. Actually, it is very beneficial for the users if they have a bit of knowledge regarding opening and creating the zip files on their android devices. There are several methods by that users can create and open zip files.

This method shows how you can open the zip files from a free file managing tool or you can use a system file manager app, but we recommend the “iZip” or “es file manager” app. You can search that app from the Google Store. Then simply install it. In order to open an archive file, touch the icon tree displayed on the left. Select the folder that contains the Archive file. Touch on it.’

how to open and create zip files on Android devices

How to use the app

The select option is appearing on the screen for selecting which app you want to use in order to unroll the compressed file. Select the “ES Zip Viewer” among the options. Choose this option to view zip files in the future also then select the option “Set as the default app” in the box. The “Compression Manager” is another window that opens “ES File Explorer” and it shows the content in the archive file. Then touch on the files that want to include while holding in order to extract them from the compressed file until it is being checked.

If there are any other files that you think to unzip, then touch on the check box button at the app screen available on the top right. In order to unzip the selected files touch the “Extract” option that is availble at the down part of the display. Then you will find that there is another dialogue box that appears as “Extract selected files to”. Select the initial option to make a filename with the same name as the zip file. As you know the extracted files should be kept in the same folder. Users have to choose the “Current path” action to extract the files into the current folder. If you decide to select any other place, you have to choose the option as “Choose path”. Select the path you need to save. Then click “OK”

Transfer files between devices

Assume that the user wants to transfer files to any other device. Simply what the user can do is compress them and send it over to the other as a zip file. “ES File Explorer” is the option to create the zip file. Then go to the folder that contains the files that the user wants to compress. Choose the files using the earlier method you have followed previously. Then select the “More” option. You’ll find it at the below part of the screen exactly in the right corner. Then choose the “Compress” option at the pop-up menu.

Next a dialogue box called “ES Zip viewer” appeared. Then give a filename for the compressed file in the top edit box. Select the down arrow in the app screen below in order to quit the keyboard. Then the user would be able to use the whole dialogue box. Choose the file format you want to create. Therefore select the compressional level you are expecting. For security purposes, users can assign a password too. After you have performed all of these steps correctly, there will be a message saying that the compression task was completed. After by that you will come back to the folder containing the files that are included in the zip file. By following these steps android device users can open and create zip files. Experience it by yourselves.