ZArchiver Pro APK Download | Latest Version For Android

Simply, Zarchiver Pro is the paid version of the free app which is the best android zip management app on the play store. Certainly, you have heard about this ZArchiver app. That is a popular app that can use for creating archives and for the full filling of multiple works of files and folders. So now today you could read about the paid version of the same ZArchiver app. That is available to buy as Donate app. There are some features that are different from the free version of the ZArchiver app. If you have already used the free version and want to discover more features, then you could start working with the ZArchiver Pro app. The following are the main uses that could be obtained by the usage of the Pro app. Discover them by using the app.

zarchiver pro

ZArchiver Pro Uses

ZArchiver Pro Download

  • The app allows for creating multiple archive file types.
  • Decompress file types are allowed by the ZArchiver Pro app.
  • Viewing archive contents
  • Create and work with the app safely. Because the password protective feature is available in the ZArchiver Pro. Therefore your privacy is protected with the app.
  • Creating multi-part archives is another use of this app
  • Partial archive file decompression
  • Open and view the compressed files
  • Open archive files directly from the app. Just like opening the file directly from the mail app.
  • Split archive extraction is even available

Other than that the following are the key features that the users can expect from the app.

ZArchiver Pro Key features

  • ZArchiver Pro app is beneficial for multi-core mobile chipsets. Because the app is supporting multithreading support.
  • UTF-8 and UTF-16 are supporting the file names. Because the users can use national symbols on the file names.
  • Users don’t want to enable the multi-selective mode. Just one icon can fulfill the task.

These are the key features that can be observed by this app. There is a special feature available in the ZArchiver Pro. That is the theme differentiation. The ZArchiver Donate having both light and dark themes. The user can try them both. But here is a bit disadvantage in the app. That is the unavailability of the tutorial for its usage. This is a really easy app to use by any beginner. But I think it is better to have a user guide for the new users of the app.



Q: What is the reason for using the password?

A:  There are some files that have to protect the security. For such files, the user can assign passwords. By using the passwords, you can encrypt them. Also, the files can be only opened after inserting a password.

Q: How to compress a file using ZArchiver Pro?

A: First the user has to select the file that he wanted to compress. If there are multiple files select all of them. Then again click on one of such that the file. Choose the compress option by the menu. Finally the OK button.

Here these all factors are regarding the Donate or the ZArchiver Pro app. The users have to pay a small amount as a help for the developers. If you have already used the app, then try this app with more other features.