ZArchiver Pro APK Download | Latest Version For Android

Simply, Zarchiver Pro is the paid version of the free app which is the best android zip management app on the play store. Certainly, you have heard about this ZArchiver app. That is a popular app that can use for creating archives and for the full filling of multiple works of files and folders. So now today you could read about the paid version of the same ZArchiver app. That is available to buy as Donate app. There are some features that are different from the free version of the ZArchiver app. If you have already used the free version and want to discover more features, then you could start working with the ZArchiver Pro app. The following are the main uses that could be obtained by the usage of the Pro app. Discover them by using the app.

zarchiver pro

ZArchiver Pro Uses

ZArchiver Pro Download

  • The app allows for creating multiple archive file types.
  • Decompress file types are allowed by the ZArchiver Pro app.
  • Viewing archive contents
  • Create and work with the app safely. Because the password protective feature is available in the ZArchiver Pro. Therefore your privacy is protected with the app.
  • Creating multi-part archives is another use of this app
  • Partial archive file decompression
  • Open and view the compressed files
  • Open archive files directly from the app. Just like opening the file directly from the mail app.
  • Split archive extraction is even available

Other than that the following are the key features that the users can expect from the app.

ZArchiver Pro Key features

  • ZArchiver Pro app is beneficial for multi-core mobile chipsets. Because the app is supporting multithreading support.
  • UTF-8 and UTF-16 are supporting the file names. Because the users can use national symbols on the file names.
  • Users don’t want to enable the multi-selective mode. Just one icon can fulfill the task.

These are the key features that can be observed by this app. There is a special feature available in the ZArchiver Pro. That is the theme differentiation. The ZArchiver Donate having both light and dark themes. The user can try them both. But here is a bit disadvantage in the app. That is the unavailability of the tutorial for its usage. This is a really easy app to use by any beginner. But I think it is better to have a user guide for the new users of the app.



Q: What is the reason for using the password?

A:  There are some files that have to protect the security. For such files, the user can assign passwords. By using the passwords, you can encrypt them. Also, the files can be only opened after inserting a password.

Q: How to compress a file using ZArchiver Pro?

A: First the user has to select the file that he wanted to compress. If there are multiple files select all of them. Then again click on one of such that the file. Choose the compress option by the menu. Finally the OK button.

Here these all factors are regarding the Donate or the ZArchiver Pro app. The users have to pay a small amount as a help for the developers. If you have already used the app, then try this app with more other features.

ZArchiver iOS Free Download For iPhone And iPad

ZArchiver iOS is an archive management app for iOS devices. This is one of the best file management app. Also, it is having multiple uses. The app is very strong. Therefore it is supported for a wide range of zip formats. The ZArchiver iOS manager is really easy to use and work with. While using this app, the archive files would have appeared as removable storage. Then you could save them directly. That can be done instead of having moved to save file transfer. Even you would be able to move the files easily by dragging and drop. Likewise, the ZArchiver iOS is really easy to work with. Apart from that, there are more types of things that the users have to aware of about this app.

zarchiver ios

Features of the ZArchiver iOS

  • This is  for file extraction
  • Decompressing of the files in various formats is available
  • The main purpose of the app is file management.
  • The ZArchiver iOS is supported for multithreading. Multicore processors
  • You don’t need to work with the multi-selective mode. Also, the selection of the files is very easy.
  • The UTF-8 and the UTF-16 are supported for the app. Therefore the users can use national symbols on the app due to this supportive feature.
  • The app is supported for every ios device.
  • Your all private files can be protected by using the passwords. By assigning a password your’s all files could be protected
  • There are multiple options available in the ZArchiver iOS. Those such editing multiple options are the copy, cut, share and delete.
  • The user can select any mode of compression. Those areas ultra, medium and fast, and the fastest.
  • The new user doesn’t want any experience with the app previously. Because the usage of really easy. Because it is having a very simple procedure.
  • By rooting the user would be able to enjoy more features. If you want to experience more features rooting can be done.
  • Creating all archives are possible

Download the ZArchiver  iOS

Download Now

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The ios device users would be able to Download this app from this site or Apple AppStore.

  • Search for the ZArchiver iOS
  • Then click on the download tab
  • After that process successfully install the app
  • Then work with the ZArchiver  iOS freely

There are more types of uses that could be obtained via this ZArchiver iOS. But there is the only disadvantage is available in the app. There is no user tutorial presence in this. Therefore a new user would be confused at the beginning. It is better to have a tutorial.


Q: What is the use of passwords?

A: Password is required for the files that you wanted to protect. Password protection is best for security.

Q: Should we have to pay for the app?

A: No, any user would be able to use the app for free totally.

Here there is a brief description of the ZArchiver iOS. If you realize the app suitable for you, then here’s your chance to try it. There are multiple beneficial features available for you.

ZArchiver App – Archive Management Tool Free Download

ZArchiver app is the most popular file managing tool for android devices. The latest version of the app is Do you know the usage of this app? The basic use of the app is archive file extractor and file manager. The app is supported for the highly compressed file types including the rar, zip, and 7Z file formats. This file extract app is very easy to use by any person because it really has a simple user interface. Not only in the android devices but the app can also be installed and used freely in Windows and Mac devices as well. The following are the main features of the ZArchiver app.

zarchiver app

ZArchiver App Features

  • The application has the ability to modify various archiving files. That is the main purpose of the app.
  • The app supported both micro SD cards and the internal storage of the ZArchiver app. Then the user would be able to switch between two storages.
  • Every user can use the ZArchiver as a default file managing app. Every user can create and manage all the files the same as your default file manager.
  • Working with this archiving app is really easy because it is having simple procedures.
  • Most of the users are worried about the privacy and safety of the app. You shouldn’t worry about these things because the app is 100% privacy protected. Here password protection is a special feature. Protect your files with your details, by assigning a password for the respective file.

As a user, you have to be aware of all the specific features of the ZArchiver app. Apart from that, the following are the uses of this app.


  • Creating archive files
  • Decompress the archive files by your mobile device
  • Sharing the archive files that you have compressed already
  • Assign a password and protect your personal files
  • Unlocking the password-protected files.
  • The users can multi-select all archive files. Extracting all the files together is possible.
  • And the user is capable of performing more types of edits. Those are cut and copy. Put them into any folder between internal or external SD cards.
  • The app has complete multi-threading support. Also UTF-8 and UTF-16.

Here are the main uses of the ZArchiver app for you. If you think that the app is advantageous, here is your chance to get the app and work with the app.

ZArchiver App Download

For every android device, anyone can easily download and install the app by your Google play store or free download link from this site. Then work with the app. The app is not downloadable yet for iOS devices. But you can download the iZip app for ios.  Also for the windows and mac devices, the Zarchiver app must use via an android emulator. So by following these steps anyone could successfully install the app.


Q: Is this app free?

A: Yes, the Zarchiver app is free for usage. But the ZArchiver Pro is the paid version of it.

Here there are some valuable details regarding the ZArchiver app. If the reader thinks them worthy work with the app and sees yourselves

ZArchiver For PC Download For Windows 10/ 08/ 07 Free

ZArchiver For PC is an app to manage a large number of files, especially on PC.  If you are a person who has to deal with file management then this is the perfect app for you. Due to the availability of a large number of files of yours, sometimes you would have to compress and Decompress the folders. Also if you want to recover your wanted files that are possible with the ZArchiver For PC. You can recover any file from the same phone or laptop. Under any system, you could recover. You could recover the files easily. Your personal files are safe by password protection of the app.

I have to say that you can’t explore any app that performs these all tasks. The ZArchiver For PC app is for compressing, Decompressing, recover, archiving, and file protection with passwords. Here I would like to say that anyone capable of taking all these uses at one place. This is the best. ZArchiver For PC is compatible with most of your devices including Android devices, Windows devices, and mac devices. The following are some of the features of your favorite file managing app For PC.

zarchiver for pc

Features of ZArchiver For PC

  • The basic activity of the app is file management. It is doing as the need.
  • This app is supporting for multi-core processors. Also for the multithreading.
  • The selection in the files section is easy. No need to use the multi-selective mode.
  • The app users can use the national symbol for naming the date. UTF-8 and UTF-16 are supported by the ZArchiver For PC app.
  • Each and every android device is supported for the app.
  • The app has supported all types of encryptions. Therefore the user can use password-protected files.
  • There are different options available in the app such as cut, copy, delete and share
  • Also, the user can choose the compressions. Basically, there are fastest, fast, medium, and ultra.
  • The user doesn’t require any previous skills in file management. A beginner also would be able to handle any situation with the ZArchiver For PC app.
  • Your all data would be secured. Don’t worry about misplacing or any other act.
  • There are some features available on the root access. Therefore if the user wants to experience them all, the device has to be rooted.
  • Creating unlimited archives is possible.

Installing ZArchiver For PC for your Windows device?

Download ZArchiver APK

  • First, you need an android emulator to download the ZArchiver For PC app
  • If you haven’t any, download an android emulator first. BlueStacks or Nox are the perfect ones.
  • Then open the play store with the android emulator. Download the APK using the Download button above.
  • At first Install the downloaded apk from the download folder of your browser or files app.
  • Then ZArchiver For PC will appear on your search results.
  • After that, click on the download tab to complete the whole process.
  • Then finally you would receive this valuable app.
  • Finally, continue working with the app freely.


Q: Shall we pay for the app?

A: No, any user doesn’t want to pay for this ZArchiver For PC app. If you are taking the ZArchiver Donate app you should have to pay for it.

Q: Is this a safe app?

A: Yes, this is totally safe for usage. There is no harmful malware.

Here the all details are regarding the ZArchiver For PC app. If the reader is satisfied with the given facts, get started with the app. Users will discover more than here described by the usage.

ZArchiver Donate Apk 0.9.5 Download | Latest Version

Zarchiver Donate is a mobile app (APK) that allows its users to shrink and the extraction of any archive file. Working with this app is very easy. Certainly, you are familiar with the ZArchiver app which is the freemium version of the Donate app and it is basically for file management. Likewise, the ZArchiver Donate is also for the same purpose. it is even a popular file manager.

This app has been developed by the same developers of the ZArchiver. Those are the ZDevs. Although we can call this the pro version of the main app. This is even a highly versatile app. The ZArchiver Donate is an app that offers multiple functions free of charge.

zarchiver donate

ZArchiver Donate Download for Android

ZArchiver Donate Apk 0.9.5 Download

As per the information above this is the Pro version but here we are giving you the opportunity to download the Pro version Unl*cked for free. You can use the same features and functions without paying a cent. Use the download link above and download the apk file. Then install it on your Android smart device. If you get an error about third-party apps then go to the Unknown Sources and make it Allow in order to resolve that error.

You can use this app on the PC using an Android Player like Bluestacks or LD Player. First, download an Android player to your PC or Mac then install it. Then download this APK for free using the above download button. Now install it to the player. But there is no special use of installing this app on PC because there is a way to manage files genuinely on PC via OS.

What are the Uses of ZArchiver Donate?

Basically, this is an archiving management app. The app allows for file compression. Although extraction of the files and unzipping is possible with the ZArchiver Donate. Although you can create different file formats just as 7ZIP, BZ2, TAR, and GZ. Another use of the app is creating password-protective files. Files from different apps such as files from the mail app can be opened by this archiving app.

Difference between ZArchiver and ZArchiver Donate?

There are not many differences between these two apps. Zarchiver Donate is s paid version of the freemium app. That is only to support the developer. Apart from that, it is having all the other essential features. Multithreading support is available. And UTF-8/UTF-16 support is also available. Those will support for let the users use national symbols on file names. Here there are premium functions as the light and the dark theme. Image previewing and file editing inside the archives are other premium functions available in the ZArchiver Donate app. But there’s is still missing something. That’s the tutorials.

This is a different type of app. Therefore most beginners don’t know how to work with the app. Therefore it is better to have a tutorial on the app. Except for that missing, the Zarchiver Donate is a great app for file managing. This app is highly recommended to use for anyone. If you have already use the freemium app, then upgrade to the ZArchiver Donate app. Really it would be a great upgrade. But you should purchase it. Every user’s purchase would support the rapid development of the app.

Pros and Cons of the App

  • Having all features available in the free version
  • Availability of the light and dark themes
  • Allow the users to edit files
  • Allow for age previewing of the archives

Apart from these advantages, the only disadvantage is that the unavailability of the tutorials.


Q: What is the latest version of the app?

A: download They fixed many bugs that have been fixed with this latest version.

Q: Should I have to pay it necessarily?

A: Yes, you should. This is a premium app. If you do not want to pay just use the freemium app that can totally use for free.

Here are some brief details about the ZArchiver Donate. That’s the pro version of the free app. If you think it would be best for you, then take it and proceed with your activities.

ZArchiver Download For Android iOS and PC | Latest Version

ZArchiver Download for Android is a famous app that is designed for archive file management. Apart from archive file managing, there are more other uses of the app. Compress, Decompress, edit, and more other services provided by this app. This is a very helpful tool anyone can explore through the Internet. If you have high compressed zip files from your work or anywhere, Zarchiver download is the best application.

zarchiver download

Why You Should Do Zarchiver Download

Because ZArchiver is a very powerful app. The users will realize it when the app uses for the extraction and for the Decompression of the files. Also, it suppers more file systems for extraction. Easily you could get it on any device you use. Even you don’t need to spend a single penny for this zip file manager. Creating password protective archives is another use of this app. Zarchiver Download App is known to be the best application to extract the zip and rar files. Apart from that user can check the other files inside the compressed files before extracting the folder on a specified file.  The all the features contained in the ZArchiver are offered for free for all its users. Even Internet connection isn’t compulsory for the app.

  • Users can create archive files on different formats such as tar, XZ, gzip, etc
  • Can Decompress numerous types of archives
  • Protect the archives by utilizing the password protection feature
  • Can edit archives folders
  • Creating and decompressing multi-part archives is possible
  • The app would is capable of viewing the content of the archive files
  • Capable of decryption of the file that is encrypted on another device
  • Can use as a file manager

Here are some brief facts about the ZArchiver app. Discover more of them by downloading the app and work with it.

How to Zarchiver Download For Android

Zarchiver Apk v1.0.9 Download [4.87MB]

Download From Play Store

 Any android device user was able to ZArchiver download the simply. Use the above download button or follow the following method.

  • Visit the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Then search for the app ZArchiver.
  • The app will appear on the search results.
  • Then the phone will download and install the app.
  • Start working with the app.

How to Download For iOS

Download From AppStore

Unfortunately, ZArchiver Download is not available for ios devices. You can search the iZip app on the apple app store and download it. It is the best alternative way to ZArchiver download on ios. Therefore as an ops device user, you should have to try another alternative for compression and extraction of the files.

How to Download For PC

  • If you haven’t any android emulators first you should have to download one. Download an emulator such as BlueStacks.
  • Then the user is able to use BlueStacks for downloading this app.
  • Open the play store via the BlueStacks
  • Use your Google account information and log onto the play store
  • Search for ZArchiver in the play store
  • Then you can observe the app is appearing
  • Then install the app

Here is the importance of the ZArchiver Download. Also, there are methods to download it to your devices. Get it into your devices and work with the app freely.

ZArchiver APK Latest Version Free Download For Android

ZArchiver Apk is a famous app that is created for file management. In short terms by utilizing the app, one can operate files at any time anywhere. Assume that a person needs to view an important file while he is traveling. But he can’t operate your pc at this moment and he doesn’t have a power supply or WiFi network. But there is a solution for that. He can search for it on his smartphone. What is the solution? That is the Zarchiver Apk. Simply, Compress, Decompress, open, edit by using this.

zarchiver apk

ZArchiver APK for Android

As stated above, ZArchiver Apk is an application for managing folders. Now that the app could be used with smartphones, tablets, or TVs easily. This is a lightweight application. Try it on your android device and realize whether it is useful or not.

How to Download and Install ZArchiver Apk

The newest version of the Apk is available to download on this site for free. Before downloading it allows unknown sources to download the app. 

  • We have provided you with the download link for the ZArchiver apk. Click the following download button to get that downloaded. This will download within a few minutes. 
  • After carrying on the next steps to install that successfully. Allow the app to read the required files contained in your device. 
  • Enjoy the fantastic app features 


  • Compress and Decompress 

The ZArchiver Apk can use to create many archive types including the 7z, zip, XZ, tar, zst, iso, tar, etc. The user can make use of this feature while sharing a large file over the Internet. The already compressed files can split into small parts. 

  • Open and edit 

 Zarchiver Apk can be used to view the archive types as 7z, zip, XZ, tar, etc. If the user wants to edit them, that is possible. For the editing, decompressing or compression don’t need again. Add, edit, remove or save are the possible options with ZArchiver. 

  • File protection 

The app supports password protection. Therefore the contents of the folder are always protected. The app user can assign a password and could protect the privacy details of the others. 

  • Supportive for the apps

You don’t need to search for the file location of the archiving file. Instead of that, the user can directly open the archive from file apps, mail apps, or from social media apps.

How to use ZArchiver Apk? 

The usage of the ZArchiver Apk application is not complex. After undergoing the previously mentioned steps, the reader can install the app successfully. Then take the archives. Users are able to work with the archives of various other apps by the app supportive feature.

Legality and safety 

The user doesn’t want to worry about the safety and the Legality of the archiving application. Also, it is offered from a trusted source and not any malware content. It doesn’t create any harm to your device.


Q: Are there any restrictions as regions?

A: No, there are no regional barriers. Therefore anyone in the world can operate ZArchiver Apk. Moreover, the app is compatible with multiple languages.

Q: should we have to pay for ZArchiver?

A: No, Zarchiver Apk is totally free for your smartphone, tablet, or for the pc.

Final Words

Zarchiver Apk is an android application especially for compress, Decompress, and management of the folders. Although it has the best safety precautions. Here the application could be utilized for free too. Now the reader is the person to decide whether he is ready to use this app or not. But this is a benefitting app.