7Zip File Manager Download For Android | Latest Version

7zip is a famous open-source file archiver. It is designed for Microsoft Windows. Originally 7 zip was created in 2000. The creator of it is Igor Pavlov. However, the 7 zip file manager is still developing. The 7 Zip file manager is known as a RAR extractor. However, it is supported for the files in RAR and the ZIP files. Apart from that 7Z file manager is compatible with the CAB, BZIP@, and TAR formats as well.

The 7Z file manager is significant because of its provided compression ratio of it. It is provided with a better compression ratio that is 2 – 10 % better than the other compression tools. PKZip and WinZip are such other compression tools. Also, the 7Z is the one that contains the highest file size compression ratio. The features that could be observed with the 7Zip are listed as follows.


Features of the 7Zip file manager

  • Powerful file manager
  • Supportive for 74 languages
  • Having the self-extracting capability for the 7Z format
  • Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats
  • Plugin support for FAR Manager
  • integration with Windows Shell
  • High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression
  • Powerful command-line version

Usually, the 7zip is known as an easy file manager for usage. And it has been created for casual PC users. As you are aware it can accomplish all tasks that the other file manager can accomplish. Those functions are such as archive files, unrar files and splitting files. Simply users can perform these functions by right-clicking on the file that is required to perform functions. Apart from that, the 7Z is composed of advanced functions as well. Some functions are meant for technical developers such as Linux or Unix developers.

7Zip is freeware. Though it is distributed under a free software license. The users can download and use the 7Zip without paying any fee or registering for the software. If users wish to support the app, they can make donations by paying a small fee. So you have contributed to the freeware developers for their service.

Is this safe?

The 7Zip file manager won’t harm your computer.  Even if it is not stealing any information from your device as well. Sometimes there may be viruses and some other harmful software included with the executable files. Therefore open only the files sent by someone you trust.

How to use the 7Zip file manager?

  • Right-click on the file/folder to be encrypted.
  • Select “7-Zip” then “Add to archive…”
  • In the Add to Archive window change the name of the archive you wish to create.
  • Change the Archive format to “Zip”. 

Is 7Zip a good program?

It is believed that 7 Zip is the best program that delivers the best compression output. The 7 Zip is a much more reliable software. And it is providing very lower file format sizes as well. Therefore the 7 Zip is known as the leading file compression tool in the world.

An alternative – WInZip

When we compared 7Zip with WinZip, there is a huge difference between the both of them. Winzip is the best one among these. Winzip is powerful and versatile. If someone is looking for alternatives for 7 Zip, certainly the WinZip is the best option. Despite the amazing features of WinZip, most of the users have accumulated over the 7 Zip.

Is 7Zip free?

Yes as previously stated the 7 zip is free and open-source software. You could use 7 Zip software on any device freely without registering or paying for it. That is regarding the 7Zip file manager. It is worth using. Use it and discover more functions included in it.

How To Open Zip Files On an iPad Or iPhone?

Actually is it a zip file? Zip is the most usable file type that is required to reduce the size or else it can be called compressing files. That means the collection of one or more files together. Those files are saved in one location as well. It makes it easier to transport or send files to an external place. The file recipients should save the file to their devices and then have to unzip it in order to utilize the original file. Zip files are opened after extraction. That process can be done on an iPad or else with an iPhone also. Both mac and Windows OS have inbuilt functionalities of Zip files.

How to open zip files on an iPad or iPhone

How to open ZIP files with an iPhone or iPad?

Compression of huge files into ZIP archives is a smart way even if the user is required to send the files via the internet. It creates efficient file compression storage. Also, that process makes the file transfer much easier too. When the receiver gets such a file item you are at the receiving end so you are called the recipient of the file transferring process. Therefore on that type of occasion, the receiver knows how to open different file formats such as ZIP, TAR, RAR etc.

Guide to the file recipient

  • Initially open the Files app from the device. 
  • Explore the zipped file that users are required to use. So the user has to select the correct location of the ZIP file. Think that the user has got the file via the internet then choose the Downloads to proceed. 
  •  Click the file for opening it after locating it correctly. After that, the device will immediately start unzipping the archive file.
  • Then the user will observe a new folder with the same name as the original folder as the ZIP archive. If someone wants to change the name of the file that is also possible.
  • Renaming can be done to a  file by this procedure. Simply tap and long press for a few minutes on the folder. Select the rename from the popup menu. Enter the new name and just finish the task by clicking on Done.
  • To view the contents tap on the unzipped folder contained in the same folder as the zip file.

From WhatsApp or mail

That is how any iPhone or iPad user can view the contents of the zip files. The following steps are for users to guide on how to open a zip file received for an app such as WhatsApp or mail. 

Initially save the ZIP file that is received through Whatsapp, Mail or any other messaging app. Then the below guide is for you. 

  • Open the app.
  • Click on the ZIP file
  • Choose the share icon from the popup menu. Choose any place the user wants to save the file. 
  • Click on the Save option
  • Then follow the above procedure to view the contents of the file. Some files may not work from the default app. Then,

Why do you need to choose iZip?

In that way, users can easily observe the contents of a ZIP file received by an app on their devices such as Whatsapp or mail. Users have some other options as well. That is the usage of third-party applications designed for viewing the contents of the. iZip is a great example of such an app. If you are going to work with iZip the below guide is for you. 

  • Launch iZIP and navigate to the Browser for documents.
  • Select the Browse option displayed at the bottom
  • Locate your ZIP files or any other archive formats that are supported by the file app. 
  • Click on the ZIP file that the user wants to import.
  • Choose the Yes option on the prompt to open the archive
  • Click on OK in the “ Would you like to unzip all files?” prompt.

If the user is required to choose only a few users to have to select the Cancel option as well.

So these are some ways iPhone and iPad users could be able to follow in order to unzip ZIP files. Test these options today itself.

How to Open and Create Zip Files On an Android Device

As you know, along with the current trends, people used to store many types of files on computers, PCs, tablets and on their mobile devices. Sometimes those may vary with their capacities as well. If the files are stored after they have been compressed, it is actually easy for the users. Actually, it is very beneficial for the users if they have a bit of knowledge regarding opening and creating the zip files on their android devices. There are several methods by that users can create and open zip files.

This method shows how you can open the zip files from a free file managing tool or you can use a system file manager app, but we recommend the “iZip” or “es file manager” app. You can search that app from the Google Store. Then simply install it. In order to open an archive file, touch the icon tree displayed on the left. Select the folder that contains the Archive file. Touch on it.’

how to open and create zip files on Android devices

How to use the app

The select option is appearing on the screen for selecting which app you want to use in order to unroll the compressed file. Select the “ES Zip Viewer” among the options. Choose this option to view zip files in the future also then select the option “Set as the default app” in the box. The “Compression Manager” is another window that opens “ES File Explorer” and it shows the content in the archive file. Then touch on the files that want to include while holding in order to extract them from the compressed file until it is being checked.

If there are any other files that you think to unzip, then touch on the check box button at the app screen available on the top right. In order to unzip the selected files touch the “Extract” option that is availble at the down part of the display. Then you will find that there is another dialogue box that appears as “Extract selected files to”. Select the initial option to make a filename with the same name as the zip file. As you know the extracted files should be kept in the same folder. Users have to choose the “Current path” action to extract the files into the current folder. If you decide to select any other place, you have to choose the option as “Choose path”. Select the path you need to save. Then click “OK”

Transfer files between devices

Assume that the user wants to transfer files to any other device. Simply what the user can do is compress them and send it over to the other as a zip file. “ES File Explorer” is the option to create the zip file. Then go to the folder that contains the files that the user wants to compress. Choose the files using the earlier method you have followed previously. Then select the “More” option. You’ll find it at the below part of the screen exactly in the right corner. Then choose the “Compress” option at the pop-up menu.

Next a dialogue box called “ES Zip viewer” appeared. Then give a filename for the compressed file in the top edit box. Select the down arrow in the app screen below in order to quit the keyboard. Then the user would be able to use the whole dialogue box. Choose the file format you want to create. Therefore select the compressional level you are expecting. For security purposes, users can assign a password too. After you have performed all of these steps correctly, there will be a message saying that the compression task was completed. After by that you will come back to the folder containing the files that are included in the zip file. By following these steps android device users can open and create zip files. Experience it by yourselves.

How To ZIP and UNZIP Files And Folders On Mac

Normally the compressed files are taking less disk space than the compressed files. Therefore compressing is always making it useful to create backup copies of the data in order to send information over the internet. On your Mac device, any user can follow up on the following functions.

  • Compress a file or folder
  • Control-click it or tap it using your two fingers. Then by the shortcut menu choose the compress option.
  •  When you compress a single item, the compressed file is holding the file name as the name of the original item with the .zip extension. If the user is compressing multiple items the compressed file is holding the file name as Archive.zip.
  • Unzip a compressed item

Double-tap on the .zip file. Usually, the unzipped item appears in the same file as the .zip file. Sometimes users find it unable to open ..zip files make sure that you have enough space on your device. If you find any difficulties opening a zip file that you have received from someone else, surely that might be a problem with the file. Ask that person to send the file again.

That is how any mac device user can zip and unzip folders on the Mac. The folders can zip or unzip by making use of the Archive Utility available in macOS Monterrey from Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Usually, As Archive utility is a OS core service, Apple conceals it.  But also makes it convenient to compress and decompress files and folders by using the Finder.

Create One Zip File on Mac

  • Zipping and Unzipping a single file or folder allows Finder to enter the Archive Utility on Macs. Follow the below procedure.
  • Open Finder. Then go to the file or the folder that you want to work with.
  • Then control-click or right-click on the required item. Menu will open and select the item name.How to zip and unzip files and folders on Mac
  • Then find the zipped version of the file. You don’t find it difficult to find, it is located in the location of the original file. The original filename will also be available in the zipped one.  The file is named with the .zip extension.

Compress Multiple Files or Folders

Archiving several files and folders is similar to archiving a single one. The filename on the zip file will be the only difference. Follow the given steps to zip multiple files and folders.

  • Go to the folder that includes all the files and folders that you are going to archive.
  • Pick the items that you need to contain in the compressed file. Then shift-click to select the range of the files or command-click to select nonadjacent items.
  • Control-click or right-click on any of the items. Then select the Compress option in the menu.How to zip and unzip files and folders on Mac OS
  • Find the archived items in a separate file named Archive.zip. That is the same as the original file. There is no difference between them.

Note that if the device contains a file called Archive.zip already the other compressed files are holding the names such as Archive2.zip, Archive3.zip, Archive4.zip, and so on.

Apart from these, the mac device users can use some other tools for archive management on Mac. The built-in archiving system can be used to compress and decompress files and folders available in macOS and OS X.  in such cases also there are some other apps available. Quickly search on Mac App Store in order to find more than 50 apps for archive management. The following 

third-party tools that can use to archive management.

  • The Unarchiver
  • WinZip
  • Mr.Zipper
  • Keka
  • BetterZip 5

 By using the given steps you can perform zip and unzip functions on Mac devices.

Huawei File Manager Apk Download For Android Devices | Latest Version

By the name itself you can understand that this is regarding a file manager. There is a significant feature that this file manager is for Huawei devices. Huawei file manager is the official file manager for Huawei devices. Along with this app, users can access any file. or else users can access any file that is saved previously even without any third-party application within your device.

huawei file manager apk


When considering the app features, the interface of it is unique. Because the interface of the app has been developed in order to observe everything saved on your device quickly and effectively. Other than that you can easily go into each file or folder and modify them in your own way. That simply means you are allowed to utilize the app in any way that you want. Organize the device efficiently as you wish. Also, users have multiple options. They would have the capability to choose whether they are going to browse the internal storage or the external storage.

The Huawei file manager is consistent with some more categories that are organized into icons in order to get rid of any complications. Also, it facilitates your searching as well. And this has a direct link with the Huawei drive. Therefore easily users could upload different folders to the cloud separately without taking too much space from their device.

If you are a Huawei device user and you are willing to manage the files located on your device in a facilitative way, the perfect option is the Huawei file manager. You can organize the files in a smooth and initiative way.  You can organize what is included within your device in a faster way when compared with some other file managing software. If you want to utilize this file manager you are required with a device consisting of android version 5.0 or upwards.

As the advantages of the Huawei file manager, the followings facts are notable

  • Quick and easy access to different elements located within the device.
  • Well organized categories.
  • It Isn’t packed with unnecessary features.
  • Huawei drive access.

And as for the disadvantages, the following facts can be identified easily

  • The app lacks robust support for multiple file transfer protocols.
  • No encrypted ZIP files.
  • Doesn’t support third-party cloud services.
  • Icon support is limited.

These are some basic advantages and disadvantages of the Huawei file manager app. Further users would be able to understand it by using the app. Actually by using this kind of file manager users would be able to save a lot of space on the device by successfully organizing the available files. Actually as stated previously this is especially for the Huawei devices.

The app is offered for free. No external charges have to be paid to use the file manager app for Huawei devices. The other fact that many of you are worrying about is safety. Especially file manager is a kind of an app that is accessing the private files of the user as well. Therefore there is a risk associated with these kinds of apps. But don’t think in that way regarding the Huawei file manager app. That is totally safe and secure. So you don’t have any issue with this app when considering the safety and security.

The other one is the restrictions on the Huawei file manager. Unlike the other types of file managers, this is not having such kinds of huge restrictions. If your device is compatible with the app just you can simply install the app and enjoy it. So finally it is a beneficial app and I will try to discover more functions by starting to use it today itself.

Documents by Readdle 1.0 Download | Latest Version (4.0MB)

The Documents by Readdle is a utility software that allows you to access and manage all of the files located within your device. Easily you can categorize them in a convenient place for their users. There are some other types of apps, that are only supported for limited file formats. But the documents by Readdle allow its users to manage any kind of file format. The documents by Readdle are supported for the PDFs, word documents, images and videos. And documents by Readdle are composed of various helpful tools.  Also, this app contains a built-in web browser. Therefore users can use that built-in web browser for downloading files.

documents by readdle

Documents by Readdle All in one

The file manager is the most essential file manager for every user that is a convenient tool that can be used to access nearly all your files. Opening any documents such as PDF files, EPUB books, Microsoft Word documents, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Apart from that, the user can use the documents by Readdle in order to annotate your PDF files. Use colorful highlighters, stickers, and texts to annotate the PDFs. Also, this file managing app is consistent with more advanced editing tools that allow any user to change text, images, and links contained in the PDF. So this is an all-in-one application that performs multiple tasks.

Sometimes Documents by readdle is acting as a media player too. It organizes the folders into the playlists along with the shuffle and loop options. And load any movies on your device and watch them over the app. Use a built-in web browser for downloading books, movies and music. If users want more privacy and safety private browsing is also available. It is capable of creating text files also. If you want to create the text files users have to download a separate app for creating the word. To start writing first click on the edit button. Then tap on the more option. Finally, click on the create text icon. This is a simple three-step process that anyone can follow.

All you want in one place

Do everything in one place. As previously stated you can simply download a movie, song, or else a book. If a user wants to protect his privacy that is easily allowed by the app. Just any user needs only one program to do these things. These tasks are very simple such as opening and viewing a file. Sometimes users are feeling that the app is lacking in the organization. Despite that, the app is the best overall.

The advantages of the file manager app can be identified as follows.

  • Documents by Readdle is supported for various file types.
  • Composed of built the web browser
  • Consisted with the PDF editor
  • Allows for creating text files.

 Also, the disadvantages of the file manager can be identified as follows.

  • Cluttered UI. That makes the users uncomfortable with the usage of the app.
  • The music player is making some difficulties such as skipping the music while it is working.

That is regarding the Readdle app. But most of the users are thinking more about safety before selecting the Readdle app. Don’t worry. Readdle is totally safe. Along with this browser, your browsing is safe. The Readdle developers are thinking that privacy is a fundamental human right. Therefore your private data are not tracked by the app.

Also, the document by Readdle is a free app that is available on the App store. The app requires an iPhone, iPad, or device running iOS 11 or later. In order to obtain the best performance of the app, users have to fulfill the given requirements. That is regarding the Documents by Readdle file manager app. Documents by Readdle is an app that every person should have to try. Use it and obtain maximum benefits

Root Explorer Apk 5.6.58 Download | Latest Version (11.5MB)

Root Explorer Apk is an unlimited file manager for each and every root user. Users can easily access any android file type located within their device. There are multiple features included with this root explorer Apk. Some of them are the availability of the multiple tabs, dropbox, box, google drive, network support, text editor, SQLite database viewer, creating and extracting the zip files and RAR file search and multi-select are also available. Apart from that Root Explorer Apk is a fast and friendly app for its users. If there is any larger issue with the app for the users, always the supporting team is available for helping with the user issues.

Currently, most of the customers are satisfied with the performance of Root Explorer Apk. If any user has an issue that even the supportive team can’t be helped with, they will make a refund without any further disturbance. However, the Root explorer Apk has introduced some more features for its users.

root explorer apk

Root Explorer Apk Full network access

In order to use the app successfully, network and cloud access is required. It is totally safe and secure. No information is passed over the network and internet.

Addition and removing the accounts

If a user wants to add new accounts, it is allowed. The remaining accounts are kept unchanged. No single change is applicable. Also, no details are shared between the accounts.

Root Explorer Find accounts on the device

Users could be able to use multiple accounts at once. In order to log into google drive, users would be able to use multiple devices at once.

Prevent the app from sleeping

Root explorer Apk is used to preventing the device from sleeping. Especially during the long operations such as updating and downloading procedures, the app prevents sleep. Because of that the operation prevents interrupting.

This app is known as the most special software that is mostly helping to do file management within a short period of time. The root explorer comes along with a wide range of functions. As stated previously it is helping to support a wide range of management functions.

 Root Exoplorer Apk Taking control of the files

The root explorer APk is packed with multiple features. Actually, most of the new users are afraid to use this app because they think that they require heavy technical knowledge. But users don’t want to have much technical knowledge.

Root Explorer has a comfortable and clear interface. It makes the users appeal to their users.  And especially for first-time users, it will be a mess. Therefore there are prompts available to guide first-time users toward the app. But everyone should have noted, that this was made only for the android users. The other people that are using other platforms should need to search for other options.

Getting to the root of the problem

Every user is searching for an easy and effective way to manage the files located within your device. But the decision of using this root explorer Apk is quite difficult. Because there are no free trials offered by this app for the users. Therefore users should have to be sure if this is the most appropriate option to use. This is not free. So that users should have to pay to use this app. Due to all of these reasons,  users may prefer to check out some other free file management options before making any payments for this software.

As the advantages of this app,

  • Easy to add and remove accounts.
  • Composed of useful and powerful features.

As the disadvantages, we can identify,

  • Cannot create shortcuts in the home screen
  • No free trials were available.

If you are willing to use the Root explorer Apk start trying it from now onwards. You will explore multiple features.

ES File Explorer APK Download | Latest Version (40.08MB)

ES file explorer Apk is an android file manager. Also, it is multi-tasking. It offers the tasks such as free local and network file manager and an application manager. Sometimes it is a media manager and a network manager. Currently, it is used worldwide.

Some of you might have thought that though these are powerful file managers they require a lot of space in the device. But that is not such an app. It is taking absolutely smaller space within your device. Then what is the use of it? There are several uses for it.

  • Manage your whole device.
  • Organize your files such as music, videos, pictures, documents, and any kind of installed apps for your device.

ES file explorer Apk is a convenient app for everyday use. It is kind of a comprehensive addition to all of your devices. Sometimes this app makes the battery of your device more durable too. The main advantage of this app is, it is totally free. Lead to a convenient life by choosing ES file explorer Apk.

es file explorer apk

How can you organize files within your device by using ES file explorer Apk?

Users can perform the options such as multiple select, cut, copy, paste, move, create, delete, rename, share, search, creating shortcuts and bookmarks in the same way a user does with the laptop or desktop pc.

  • Manage all apps, files, and folders located within the device as well as the cloud storage.
  • The number of apps and files can be glanced at immediately by opening the file manager within your device.
  •  That is how any user can use the Es file explorer Apk. Then the following facts imply what are the basic features of the ES file explorer Apk.

Features of the ES file explorer

  • It is an application manager. ES file explorer Apk categorizes the apps, it allows for the uninstalling, backup and creating shortcuts for installed applications.
  • Support for 20+ languages.
  • Search and share files
  • Compress and decompress the files
  • Availability of basic features like cut, copy, extract, delete, compress etc.
  • Support for multiple resolutions.
  • List and grid view at the app interface.
  • Thumbnail for the photo, video, and apk files.
  • Multiple selections
  • Various sorting support
  • Support shortcut feature for easy access.
  • Availability of multiple and colorful themes.
  • Access history, access bookmarks, and search for any file.
  • Root explorer availability for advanced users.

Apart from that, the ES file explorer Apk provides the major functions as follows.


  • Working as an internal music player, internal image viewer, and internal text editor. In order to obtain the best performance use built-in utilities.
  • Users can manage all files that are located in both internal and external storage of the device.
  • The file types are automatically sorted by their file type of them. By that, the user would be able to explore any file type that he wants to find.
  • Manage and monitor the apps that you have installed on your device.
  • Easily access the device storage by using a PC. So users would be able to access and manage files on the local android device by using FTP.
  • Users can analyze the local storage of the device. If there are any useless files, the user would be able to delete them.

It is regarding the popular android file managing application called ES file explorer Apk. Along with the latest version it is offering UI managing functions. Also, some existing bugs have been fixed too. Currently, over 5,000,000+ communities have accumulated over the application. If you don’t have joined the community this is the perfect time for it. No restrictions on the usage of the app. Only required a device with the android version 5.0 or upwards. So now enjoy the app.